CoreComponents  0.15.0
A C++ Developer's Swiss-Army Knife


CoreComponents provides a small set of libraries and tools for Unix system programming. The entire toolkit is fully self-contained without external dependencies other than a gcc compatible compiler and the standard C++ runtime (C++11). Development happens mostly on Linux and OpenBSD, but design goal is to support any modern operating system which implements the core POSIX API.




First download the latest stable version from github:

1 mkdir -p ~/src
2 cd ~/src
3 curl -L | tar xzv
4 ln -s ../cc-0.14.0 cc

Thereafter bootstrap the build system:

1 mkdir -p ~/build/cc_debug
2 cd ~/build/cc_debug
3 ~/src/cc/bootstrap

Finally, build the entire toolkit:

1 ./ccbuild -debug ~/src/cc

Optionally add the build directory to your environment:

1 export PATH=$PWD:$PATH
2 echo "export PATH=$PWD:\$PATH" >> ~/.profile